Sunday, February 23, 2020

HIroshima Discussion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

HIroshima Discussion - Essay Example This paper will review some of the characteristics of the bomb survivors, the miraculous incidents in the bombing and Truman’s press release after the bombing. In relation to miraculous occurrences, there are individuals that thought that their chances for survival were pretty limited or close to non-existent. They include Mrs. Nakamura, Mrs. Sasaki and Father Kleinsorge. Mrs. Nakamura who suffered from radiation poisoning fought furiously and regained her health. This was despite the fact that the radiation illness had affected her health in levels that doctors had concluded would never be reversed. Father Kleinsorge was affected by the bomb and its effects. He was seriously wounded, and despite all this, he tried to rescue people even though he thought he was to die from the effects of the bomb that made him loose blood from his wounds that kept reopening (Hersey, p 34-41). Mrs. Sasaki also recovers unexpectedly after the effects of radiation and the injuries she sustained from the collapsing of her house. This can be seen as both scientific and religious recoveries since science and medicine played a role in their wellness while they ha d hope and faith to get well. Science provided the much needed medicine and scientific support that was needed by the survivors of the blast. Their spiritual mindsets also contributed in ensuring that they believed that they would overcome what they were experiencing (Hersey, p 47). Truman describes the atomic bomb as the most potent explosive device whose output is exclusively from fission reactions. This device is a marvelous new power that can be used to overpower enemies. The book is an official non-fiction piece of work that explains an account of the bombing attack from the victims and their families view points. The book is just as monumental as the bombing incident

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