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Literature Review Of Body Worn Cameras - 843 Words

Literature Review Theoretical Applications and Empirical Support Theoretical and empirical research suggests that body-worn cameras have the potential to impact the issues revolving around law enforcement legitimacy and distrust by providing a measure of accountability and introducing an objective viewpoint that makes law enforcement more transparent to the public on the wearing of body worn cameras or BWC’s. The theories that will be discussed will be the Deterrence Theory, Routine Activities Theory, Objective Self-Awareness Theory and Situational Crime Prevention Theory. These theories will be framed by defining the theory and then discussing how body-worn cameras impact the behavior of officers and citizens. Following the discussion†¦show more content†¦The specific deterrent measures are in place so when an officer or citizen encounter each other both parties are aware of the officer is wearing a BWC. General deterrence is addressed as long as the department is transparent in its use of BWCs. Most of the time, the police-community relations are publicized. Departments can combat some of the negative publicity presented in the media by publicizing the objective BWC footage relaying a message to would-be offenders, whether officers or citizens, of the presence of BWCs use within the department. The knowledge of BWC would impact the would-be offenders’ understanding that their actions will be captured regardless of what events occurring during the police-citizen encounter and this would deter their actions to engage in criminal activities. Finally, the three cornerstones of deterrence are celerity, certainty, and severity have the potential to be impacted with BWC being used. The impact on officers, their conduct is susceptible of being captured by the BWC, ensuring the certainty that any officer misconduct will be caught during recording. The officer’s ability to make a post-hoc justifications for any misconduct is reduced since the recording is objective and enhances the fact-finder’s ability to set any types sanctions with an appropriate level of severity. Providing the instantaneous objective viewpoint of an incident in question, the BWCs haveShow MoreRelatedThe Violence Of Police Brutality Essay1126 Words   |  5 Pagesactions. In recent years Police departments have introduced the use of police body cameras. Body cameras increases the accountability and transparency of the officer and citizen. Body cameras will serve as a preventive method by reassuring the citizen and officer they are being monitored, which will also help them to be more cautious of their actions. They will also reduce the complaints by a significant amount. With body cameras in place, if an accident were to occur it would also be easier to come upRead MoreEssay On Diversity Education And Police Violence1037 Words   |  5 Pagessimilar to mine as he uses the cases of victims to better demonstrate his case as I did with mine for the immediate need of body cameras. Overall, I attempted to use a variety of scholars including ones who studied law, psychology, sociology, womens/genders studies, and prominent activists in the black community to create a well rounded essay. Academic Conversation/Literature Review Upon reviewing the credibility of my sources, the academic conversation tends to be well rounded and intelligent. WhereRead MoreThe Importance Of Police Body Cameras On The Police Force1497 Words   |  6 Pagesevaluate the effectiveness of having the police force wear body cameras. The very public incidents that have occurred ignited accusations of police brutality and as a result, the call for police body cameras is one government action in response to these accusations. The theory being that all people, even those in official capacities, behave differently when they know they are being watched. The importance of deploying police body cameras is significant for society and for the police force as itRead MoreCrime Rates And Gathering Intelligence Information866 Words   |  4 Pagesmust be weighed carefully against what the public desires, the legality of the measure, and what effect it will produce. The desire to decrease crime rates, thus building more secure communities, has led to measures like body worn cameras, expanded implementation of security cameras, and micro recorders being put into use (Cooper 2014, 1-2). The primary point of contention between proponents for increasing the methods is how much freedom one is willing to exchange for the perception of greater safetyRead MoreData Storage, Retention, And Disclosure Essay1910 Words   |  8 PagesSTORAGE, RETENTION, DISCLOSURE Weather we store these video footages internally or externally, protecting the data obtained from these cameras and preserving its chain of custody should be a concern. Either way, there has to be a system set in place where we can insure that these videos cannot be altered. Majority of the police departments that use these cameras use a third-party vendor in order to manage the storage of their data. Also the length of time that a department decides to retain thatRead MoreBasketball Shoes Effect On Basketball Players Essay2233 Words   |  9 Pagessport that involves different types of shoes which help improve jumping, landing, cutting and much more. Basketball has its positives and negatives for every age group; it has good health benefits, but it also consists of moderate to high risk lower body injuries to the lower back, legs and ankles. There are different types of basketball shoes which consist of high tops, mid tops, low cuts, cushioned shoes, non-cushioned shoes, and oth er different combinations. The high tops basketball shoe will haveRead MoreStereotypes of Men in Advertisements Essay2022 Words   |  9 Pagessymbols for human behavior. The framing and composition of the image, the setting, the symbolic attributes and every other element in its structure, all are engaged in the effective presentation of the underlying notion. What do images of the male body in advertising reveal about the notion of masculinity today? What is todays model man? Is there consistency in the visual representation of masculinity or are there competing images of it? In this study I will do a content analysis of the portrayalRead MoreA Law Enforcement Officer For The Past 19 Years6925 Words   |  28 PagesLiterature Review of Trust As a law enforcement officer for the past 19 years I want to focus on the public’s trust in my profession. I know that law enforcement administrators are always looking for ways to enhance their departments image to the communities they serve. This is a tough task because there are many factors that go into the public’s perception of law enforcement. Community trust is an extremely important relationship between the agency and its citizens. It is the key to effectiveRead MoreThe Public s Trust Act Of Law Enforcement6406 Words   |  26 PagesLiterature Review of Trust I want to focus on the public’s trust in the profession of law enforcement. Law enforcement administrators are always looking for ways to enhance their departments image to the communities they serve. This is a tough task because there are many factors that go into the public’s perception of law enforcement. While a local agency may have a good relationship with its community an incident may happen across the country with the police misconduct and the local agenciesRead MoreThe Visualization Of The Small Bowel7938 Words   |  32 Pagescrohn s and polyps. Methods: Online electronic search of databases- Medline, CIHNAL, EMBASE, citation searching, the relevant literatures, carefully selected keywords (enteroscopy, Single balloon enteroscopy, double balloon enteroscopy, spiral enteroscopy) and its appropriate combinations were used. Further the citation searching was done to identify more relevant literatures. Results: From the 1035 articles, selected from 2001 to 2015, six articles were selected after excluding the relevant criteria’s

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My Life Is Different Than Other Kids My Age - 2141 Words

Dunnivan 1 Marisa Dunnivan Dr. Elaine Kelly College Writing 161 Fall 2016 Research Paper Title Growing up, my life was different than other kids’ my age. While most parents were very involved in their kids life, mine weren’t. My dad worked every day almost all day at our family business and when my mom wasn’t working there, she spent her nights at home drinking or out with her mischievous adult â€Å"friends†. My mother’s drinking problem was more than just a drinking problem. It affected my whole family negatively and she never realized it because she saw everything through a state of intoxication. When my mom would drink, she turned from the loving, caring, happy women I use to know to a rude, abusive, illiterate stranger. Unfortunately, I have spent the majority of my life so far seeing her from this angle and I have little memory of her when she didn’t struggle with alcohol, because I was so young when she was completely sober. Now as I grow older, I see so many people struggle with addictions and some people I’ve known are not as fortunate as my mother and have lost their lives due to their sickness. Since thus far alcohol and drug addictions have exhausted my mental, physical, and emotional health, I have decided to help myself by understanding more about addictions. My main focus has been on how addictions affect family and friends, how they arise, and who is most vulnerable to developing an addiction. Dunnivan 2 I was probably around age seven when I realized that myShow MoreRelatedReflection On Virtual Child1214 Words   |  5 PagesFinal Reflection Virtual Child I learned many things through Virtual Child. I learned I babied my baby too much. Any time she cried I picked her up, if she fell I was always there to pick her up. Throughout her life I babied her. As a mother I would need to decode her cry’s (Clinic. M). which in real life I believe I would. I believe this because I would not have as much patient as I did with my virtual child. But decoding cries, would be realizing the difference between a hungry cry and a diaperRead MoreMiddle Childhood. Middle Childhood Is Where My Passion1009 Words   |  5 PagesMiddle Childhood Middle childhood is where my passion for students is. Middle childhood ranges from 6-11 years old kids. A brief description of what middle childhood is, â€Å"The school years are marked by improved athletic abilities; more logical thought processes; mastery of basic literacy skills; advances in self-understanding, morality, and friendship; and the beginnings of peer-group membership† (Berk, 2017, p. 6). I find this age group relevant to my future because I want to pursue a career inRead MoreThe Time Of Television Show1317 Words   |  6 Pagescamera having to talk about personal stuff. These brave kids took that risk. Although some participants did not continue until the end of the series we still get a glimpse of their lives. Chosen participants ranged from a wide variety. Some poor, some rich, some went to school, some went straight to work, and some got married, while some did not. Bruce who was put in boarding school to maintain a stable environment was relatively happy with his life and his outcome on how he ended up. He was very shyRead MoreEssay on My Family931 Words   |  4 PagesMy Family My Family has always been a very important staple in my life, they come to all of my sporting events and school activities to support me 100%. They are always there if I ever am in trouble or in need of help, they can do whatever I need. If I need a talking to and I need to calm down and focus they can do that for me. Then there are the times that I have with my brothers and my other family and we have a lot of fun, memories that you share with your family you will never forget. WeRead MoreEric Erickson Has Eight Stages Of Psychosocial Development1131 Words   |  5 PagesEric Erickson has eight stages of psychosocial development that are very significant and highly regarded. Erickson’s theory helps us understand life s lessons and challenges, that also help us grow. The first stage is caller, Trust vs. Mistrust, it starts at birth all the way until the age of one. During this stage infants develop a sense of trust when interacting with the people that provide them reliability, care, and affection. If they don t get this trust it will lead to mistrust. The consistentRead MoreThe Importance Of Socialization In Education1034 Words   |  5 Pagesabout able to speak. At the age of 4, I went to preschool. I was expected to go to school on the weekdays, even though I did not want to. My first day of school was very challenging because I had to stay in a place without my parents around. Obviously I cried on the first day of school. The teacher had to dr ag me to the class. This is a major event for kids because they will have to face other kids at their ages. My socialization began here in the school. I was a quiet kid. I was even afraid to buyRead MoreMy Career As A Career Essay1720 Words   |  7 PagesFrom the time I was a little girl till now, I have consistently changed my mind on what I wanted to do for a career as I got older. Like every other little kid, I dreamed of being many things including: a professional gymnast, pop star, FBI agent, scrapbook artist, astronaut, orthopedic surgeon, chef, criminal science and the first person to cure cancer. I continued to change my mind until I reached my freshman year of basketball when I helped teach kindergarten through third grade at a summer campRead MoreMy Brother Has A Big Impact On Me And My Life1396 Words   |  6 Pagesearly years of my life I had no idea that my brother would make such a big impact on me and my life. He has taught me more than any teacher possible could. Through him I learned how to be compassionate. I learned how to treat each and every person with respect, despite what challenges they may face. He brought me into an amazing community that taught me numerous life lessons. He challenged me every step of the way, like any brother should, and altered the way I viewed the world. My brother has autismRead MoreMy Family Is The Keytone For My Life957 Words   |  4 Pagesconsidered both a positive and negative thing, but in my life there have been many instances where change has affected me for the better. Although I was unsure of what the outcomes were going to be, the changes in my family, school, and health turned out to be positive experiences. My family is the keystone for my life, but when the structure of the stone started to change I was worried that we would collapse. I have two brothers that are twice my age, so I always had big brothers to spend time with andRead MoreThe First Camper With A Years Old Girl With Cerebral Palsy844 Words   |  4 PagesThe first camper paired with me was Sarah - a fourteen-year-old girl with cerebral palsy. Although she was bound to a wheelchair, she was as boy crazy as any fourteen-year-old girl. Because we were the same age, we bonded over several things, especially our love for Justin Bieber and One Direction. Our friendship did not start as a normal friendship would since I assisted her in all daily activities, but it was a friendship built on love and appreciation of one another. During the same year, I met

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The Intellectual History Of Culture And Development †Free Samples

Question: Discuss about The Intellectual History Of Culture And Development. Answer: Introduction: Development of heritage tourism has emerged as tool to bring about economic develop of historically important places. The paper would delve into one such place called Gayndah in Australia which would be developed by a non-profit organisation called Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation. Organization: Organisation detail: The legal name of the organisation is Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation. It is registered trading under Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981 Section 15. Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation by nature is a non-profit organisation. The organisation provides various types of tourist entertainment and accommodation facilities in Gayndah (, 2018). The structure of the organisation is a private and non-profit making organisation. Business premises: The business premises of Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation are located in Gayndah in Queensland, Australia. The various tourist attractions like Burnett River Rail Trail also pass through surrounding areas like Munduhberra. Organisational chart: The organisation chart of Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation is as follows: Upper level management President: Takes the decisions Vice president: Assists the president in taking decisions. Middle level management: Secretary: Assists the president and the vice president Treasurer: Look after the financial aspects like pricing of the tourist packages Lower level management: Committee members: Executes the strategies of upper and lower level management. Product and services: The products and services of Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation consist of tourist packages to enjoy the heritage of Gayndah. They consists of attractions like Gayndah Orange Festival and Historical Railway Bridges. The body also sells merchandize to tourists as tokens of remembrances (Gregori, Daniele Altinay, 2014). Future: Vision statement: The vision statement of Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation (GHRRTI) is to promote the heritage of Gayndah. The body seeks to preserve the heritage of the place by the revenue that it would generate from tourist services. Mission statement: The mission statement of GHRRTI is to serve tourists by offering their services like railway trips in the town of Gayndah. The body would use the revenue generated to develop the town as a heritage tourist spot and bring about growth of its tourism industry (Kir?ov Pavl?eka, 2015). Strategies priorities: The priorities of the organisation are to bring about economic development of Gyandah and preserve its historical heritage. The Australian town experiences limited economic development and hence, developing it as a tourist spot would boost its economic development (Cuong, Dart Hockings, 2017). The long-term business strategies of GHRRTI are to develop Gayndah as one of the most sought tourist spots in Australia. The strategy of the body was to serve tourists and generate revenue to tourism industry of the town economically sustainable (Brilha, 2016). Goals/Objectives and Key Results areas: Goals: Develop the tourism of Gayndah Promote the heritage railway of the town. Generate revenue from tourism to make the town economically sustainable. Key Results areas: Revenue generation. Increase in the number of tourists visiting Gayndah per year. The Market: Market Research: The statistical research would be performed to analyse the market by studying the number of tourists visiting Gayndah prior to and after development of Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation. The local government would also be consulted to gain important statistical information like tourist visits (Arizpe, 2015). Mission targets: The sales targets would be selling a minimum of five tourist packages a day. The sales target would also consist of selling merchandise for additional revenue. The implementation schedule would consist of promoting the priority tourist packages of Gayndah and discount offers during suitable seasons to attract tourists and then contact tourists to sell tourist packages according to their preferences. Then these tourists would be sent the itinerary of visits along with the rates. The managers would then book the hotels after getting advancement payment and written confirmation from the tourists regarding their visits (Benur Bramwell, 2015). Environmental analysis: PESTLE analysis: Political: Stable economy of Australia. Government support to tourism industry Economic: Huge disposable income encourages people of Australia to visit heritage tourist spots. Financial support from financial institutions. Social: Growing concern in the Australian society promotes heritage spots. Technological: Australia is technologically developed. Social networking sites enable online promotion of tourist places. Legal: Australian law is very strict. Environment: The tourism business units like hotels should recycle wastes to minimise environmental pollution. SWOT: Strengths: Strong support from government. The heritage attribute would attract tourists. Weakness: Dependent on government and corporate sector for initial financial support. Opportunities: The body can spread its business to other towns and cities. Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation can team up with banks for the booking process. Threats: Preservation of heritage sites is expensive. Pollution during historical site renovation work may attract criticism from residents and government actions. Customers: The target customers would be upper and middle class people with sufficient disposable income to afford expensive heritage tours. Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation would establish good relationship with customers by providing high quality services. The body would continuously keep in touch with customers and inform them on latest attractions. This would help the body attract customers and make them return to Gayndah (Eid El-Gohary, 2015). Your competitors: The three competitors of Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail are Destination Gold Coast, Tourism Leisure Corporation and Department of Tourism, Government of Australia which also offers heritage tourism packages (Benur Bramwell, 2015). Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation would offer affordable tourism products and services to visitors of Gayndah which would allow it to attract more tourists compared to its competitors (Kavoura Stavrianea, 2014). Advertising and Promotion: Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation should advertise its tourist packages on the televisions, newspapers and travel magazines. It can also promote its services in trade fairs and seminars (So et al., 2016). Legislation, regulations and codes of practice: The body comes under the legislations, regulations and codes of practices laid down by Queensland Associations Incorporation Act 1981 Section 15 and governing bodies like Department of Tourism, Government of Australia (, 2018). The finances: Sources of funds: Government aid, revenue from tourists and financial institutions. Other activities: Approach corporate bodies for financial support. Cost-benefit analysis: Category Details Costs in First Year Fixed cost Taxes, rent of office AUD 20000 Variable costs Electricity, stationary and salary of staffs AUD 100000 Other miscellaneous expenses CSR expenses AUD 50000 Total AUD 170000 Benefit Benefits within the first 12 months (in $) Generation of revenue AUD 1000000 Generation of employment AUD 100000 Economic development of town AUD 1000000 Total AUD 1100000 The above cost/benefit analysis justifies that it requires no further change in the initial phase. The management would incorporate the changes as and when necessary according to business needs. Implementation, Review and Monitoring: Review of plan: The plan would be reviewed once a year. Monitoring of implementation of plan and identification of business opportunities: The increase in profit generated would show success of implementation of plan and identification of future business opportunities. Reporting of financial and non-financial performance to stakeholders: The management would report the outcomes of financial and non-financial business plan to stakeholders on semi annually and yearly basis. Risk management: RISKS LIKELIHOOD CONSEQUENCE TREATMENT 1. Fire High Severe Arranging of fire extinguishing systems in all hotels and destinations 2. Natural calamity Low Very severe Timely reporting to local government rescue teams 3. Thefts High Financial loss CCTV cameras and stringent security checks 4. Vandalism low Financial ,loss, loss of artefacts Police protection 5. Accidents due to tripping, falling and so on High Inconvenience to injured and other tourists Medical aid, hospitals Likelihood CONSEQUENCE Insignificant Minor Moderate Major Catastrophic Almost Certain Accidents due to tripping, falling and so on Likely Moderate Thefts Fire Unlikely Rare Vandalism Natural calamity Strategic planning: The heritage tourism business of Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation identifies its current operations and business stands. It can be analysed and identified that the body needs to acquire funds from government in the initial stage and huge revenue as it expands its business. The business must achieve growth, expansion and maximisation of revenue generation. The accountable persons are the president who makes the strategic decisions, the vice-president who helps the president and the members who execute the strategies (So et al., 2016). The scheduled planned indicators would be increase in revenue generation and expansion of business achieved within the set timeframe of a year. Strategic planning methodologies: The strategic planning methodology would consist of formation of strategic based on the information gained from PEST and SWOT. The apex management should take into factors like political, situations and strengths like financial strengths while making strategies (Kavoura Stavrianea, 2014). Sources of information: Internal source of information: Employees External source of information: Customers Techniques of developing organisational values: Training. Motivation Risk management strategies: Risk management strategies are important to intellectual property rights because the companies hold the IPRs of the products they manufacture. Thus, losing of IPR would also mean losing the products and causing business losses (Eid El-Gohary, 2015). Business performance of key result indicators: Community awareness or branding-High Governance- Very high Quality-High Sales-High Workforce-High Triple bottom line (economic, environmental, socio-cultural)-Very high Profit and Loss- Medium Cooperative ventures with other firms: Companies must conduct their own SWOT analysis to know their strengths and weaknesses (Kavoura Stavrianea, 2014). Key Stakeholders: Governments, customers, investors and employees Three benefits of external consultation: Professional expertise. High grade knowledge about market conditions. Information about strategies of other firms. Availability of labour: During implementation: By recruiting appropriate human resources. Training. Motivating Continuous training: Technical training Soft skill development training. Strengths and weaknesses of a business plan Strengths: Gives knowledge about resources including financial resources. Gives idea about business strategies. Weaknesses: Based on estimation and cannot be used to form strong strategies. Hardly gives any idea about future market changes (So et al., 2016). Conclusion: The discussion clearly shows that heritage tourism can help in generating revenue to bring about economic development of heritage places. Gayndah Heritage Railway Rail Trail Incorporation should receive financial support from government and body corporates. References: Arizpe, L. (2015). The intellectual history of culture and development institutions. InCulture, Diversity and Heritage: Major Studies(pp. 58-81). Springer International Publishing. Benur, A. M., Bramwell, B. (2015). Tourism product development and product diversification in destinations.Tourism Management,50, 213-224. Brilha, J. (2016). Inventory and quantitative assessment of geosites and geodiversity sites: a review.Geoheritage,8(2), 119-134. Cuong, C. V., Dart, P., Hockings, M. (2017). Using Enhancing our heritage toolkit for assessing management effectiveness of the Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve. Eid, R., El-Gohary, H. (2015). Muslim tourist perceived value in the hospitality and tourism industry.Journal of Travel Research,54(6), 774-787. Gregori, N., Daniele, R., Altinay, L. (2014). Affiliate marketing in tourism: Determinants of consumer trust.Journal of Travel Research,53(2), 196-210. Kavoura, A., Stavrianea, A. (2014). Economic and social aspects from social media's implementation as a strategic innovative marketing tool in the tourism industry.Procedia Economics and Finance,14, 303-312. Kir?ov, A., Pavl?eka, A. (2015). Development of social media strategies in tourism destination.Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences,175, 358-366. Our Vision | Gayndah Heritage Railway. (2018) Retrieved 26 January 2018, from So, K. K. F., King, C., Sparks, B. A., Wang, Y. (2016). The role of customer engagement in building consumer loyalty to tourism brands.Journal of Travel Research,55(1), 64-78.

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Refleksjon og evaluering av hostens arbeid Essays -

Refleksjon og evaluering av hostens arbeid Kompetansemal: Mal for opplaringen er at eleven skal kunne kjenne til forutsetninger som ligger til grunn for frivillig arbeid kartlegge behov for frivillig arbeid i lokalmiljoet i samarbeid med relevante aktorer planlegge praktiske tiltak som medforer sosial verdiskaping for valgt malgruppe Praktisk arbeid: Mal for opplaringen er at eleven skal kunne gjennomfore planlagte tiltak folge etiske retningslinjer og tilpasse kommunikasjon og samhandling til valgt malgruppe presentere og vurdere det frivillige arbeidet ut fra erfaringer og samhandling med malgruppen og relevante aktorer Framforing tirsdag 14.nov ember og tirsdag 21.nov ember Lag en framforing av arbeidet du har gjort i host , der du presenterer ditt/gruppas arbeid . Du kan jobbe sammen med noen eller gjore det alene (vi hjelper til a fordele grupper) . I framforinga ma du fa med: Forklar hva en frivillig organisasjon/ frivillig arbeid er, og hvorfor det er sa viktig. Fortell om dette halvaret og utplasseringa: Hvor jobbet du/dere? Hvorfor onsket du a jobbe pa denne arbeidsplassen ? Hva gjorde du/dere? Beskriv utfyllende. Her er det lov a ta med bilder. Fortell om noe som har gjort inntrykk pa deg, om episoder der noen ble glade, om en aktivitet som var popular. Kanskje var det noe som ikke var sa bra? Hvilke tilbakemeldinger har du fatt fra arbeidsplassen du har vart pa? Foler du at din innsats for andre hadde betydning? Hvordan fungerte samarbeidet mellom dere som var pa samme plass? Ble alle inkludert? Er det lurt a ga mange sammen ( f.eks pa helsetunet, eller kan det vare lurt a spre seg litt, f.eks to og to sammen?) Har du lyst til a fortsette med det samme eller vil du velge noe annet, i tilfelle hva? Har du ellers noen tanker/tilbakemeldinger om faget Innsats for andre? I de to ukene for framforing er det lurt a ta bilder og snakke med/intervjue folk der du er (ansatte eller andre). Var obs og noter ned etter hvert. Lykke til Marit og May Elin